lørdag den 27. august 2011

NYE sækkestole i Liberty of London

til junior, sækkestol i Liberty of London
til baby, sækkestol i Liberty of London

Fås i flere Libertyprint. Velkommen!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hello!

    I came across your blog through Kerry's blog (Seventy Tree).
    I love these Liberty cushions!! I've planned to make one for my daughter, I already have the fabric and just need to find time to get started :)

    Unfortunately I don't speak your language... Do you make these beautiful things?

    I am a designer of jewellery and baby accessories, right now more busy with my baby than anything else! I definitely share your love for Liberty.

    You're welcome to come and visit me here:

    Have a great day!

  2. Salut Anabelle - thanks for your comment! I do this for a living, designing, sewing and selling. You can see more at
    I make some of the things myself, but more and more are sewn for me by professionals. These beanbags are from the new collection and are not sewn by me.
    I´ll look into your blog. Do you show what you sew?

    Best regards Katrine

    by the way - you can buy your Liberty fabric at my store It might be less expencive than in Paris :o)